Sunday, September 11, 2016

Block #15 - Star Block

This stunning star block has found its new home at 87 Cote Road, Errol, NH.  

Block #14 - Bear Paw

This gorgeous bear paw block is located at the Bear Country Powersports LLC and Bear Country Home Decor & More at 54 Main Street, Errol, New Hampshire.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Quilt Block #13 - Shadow Box

This block is called "shadow box" because its a collection of navy ribbons, ships and achievements the owners earned from serving.   The owner wanted to make the quilt unique but keep the traditional star seen in other quilts.  

The block is located at 359 Page Hill Road, Northumberland NH.   The house is located at the corner of Page Hill and Lost Nations Road.

Quilt Block #12 - Star

This block is located at Paradise Point Cottages, Rt. 26, Errol, NH.  The block was created by a member of the Errol Heritage Commission and raffled as part of the 2015 Errol Professional Lumberjack Contest and Heritage Day. 

Members of the Errol Heritage Commission proudly displaying the block below.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quilt Block #11 - Star

We continue our trail through Coos County with the addition of another beautiful star block at the Magalloway River Inn on Route 16 in Wentworth Location, NH.  This block was painted by the students at Errol Consolidated School, Errol, NH.

Beautiful addition to the trail..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quilt Block #10 - North Star

The Coos County Barn Quilt trail has extended into Jefferson, NH with the introduction of the North Star block at 90 Turnpike Road in Jefferson, not too far from Santa's Village.

The plywood was prepared for the owner by her son as a birthday surprise.    What a great surprise, and Lucille did a nice job painting the block.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quilt Block #9 - Log Cabin

We have our first log cabin block, located at 24 Bear Rock Road in Colebrook, NH.
The block is located at the home of Annie Furbush.

Quilt Block #8 - Spinning Star

A new edition to the Coos County Barn Quilt Trail is located in Colebrook, NH on East Colebrook Road.   The block is called Spinning Star and was created by Barbara Smith.

Beautiful addition to the trail and great that we have now reached out to Colebrook.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New editions to the Coos County Barn Quilt Trail

We have extended the barn quilt trail to Colebrook, NH with the addition of two new blocks in East Colebrook.   In the next two posts, we will introduce the new blocks.

Summer is a great time to get out and visit the trail.   The setting of our barn quilt trail couldn't be better, with the views of Mount Washington, the trip along the Magalloway River on the way to Wilson Mills, Maine, the quaintness of the town of Errol and the beauty of Dixville Notch on the way to Colebrook.

We hope to see the trail grow and look forward to any new additions that are currently in the planning stages.

Visitors to Coos County

This is great news.. The Coos County Barn Quilt trail recently had visitors from North Carolina that traveled to our north country to see the covered bridges in Vermont and the barn quilts in Coos County!

We hoped they enjoyed their visit to the Great Northwoods!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Quilt Block #7 - Star Block

This is the second barn quilt block in Wilson's Mills, Maine.   The two blocks in Maine help connect our barn quilt trail between New Hampshire and Western Maine.

The star block is located at the home of the Sloan's in Wilson's Mills.

Quilt Block #6 - Mariner's Compass

This block was the first barn quilt block to be displayed in Maine.  The barn quilt block is hung at the North Woods Quilting, which is home and quilt shop owned by the Flanders in Wilson's Mills, Maine. 

Coos County Barn Quilt Trail Reaches Wilsons Mills, Maine

That's right, the Coos County Barn Quilt Trail has reached Western Maine.    Two new blocks are now displayed in Wilson's Mills, Maine, approximately 15 miles from Errol up Route 16.

Quilt Block #5 - Reflection of a View

This block - the third of the blocks created by the Errol Consolidated School, hangs at the Cote's at 1233 Main Street (Rt. 26, Errol, NH)    The block reflects the view of Mount Washington as seen from the Cote's home.

Quilt Block #4 - Peace Star

This block hangs on the front porch of the Freedman's on Main Street (Rt. 26) in Errol.   This block was one of those painted by the school children at the Errol Consolidated School.

The block is positioned in such a way, that travelers coming into Errol can see it when coming down Route 26 from Maine.

Quilt Block #3 - Sunny Bolt

This quilt block was an adaption of a quilt design created by one of the Errol school children.   The quilt was a rectangle design and part of the project to transfer the design to the barn quilt, was to identify how to turn it into a square block.   The project worked well, as the kids had to use math to get the right size.

The original quilt is displayed in the glass under the quilt block.   The kids were quite proud of their design.  The school is located on Main Street (Rt. 26), Errol, NH,

Collaborative Project

What do you get when you bring school children, Heritage Commission and quilt group together??  
A great collaborative project.   During the spring of 2011, the three quilt blocks were designed and painted by the team.    This was a great team effort

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quilt Block #2 : Harlequin Star Variation

The second block is, "Natasha Lemieux's, Harlequin Star variation".  Again, Natasha is a Berlin High School student who was told to expand the harlequin star and make it compatible with a red and white garage. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quilt Block #1 - Rose of Sharon, Miller Variation

The first block in the trail is "Bethany Couch's, Rose of Sharon, Miller, variation."  Bethany, a Berlin High School student was given the rose of Sharon design and told to expand it and make it compatible with a brown garage with Jamaican blue trim. 

The local quilt group celebrated the introduction of the new barn quilt at an evening celebration at the home of the block owner.

Welcome to Coos County Barn Quilt Trail

We are located in the Coos County, New Hampshire - which is in the northern portion of the state of New Hampshire.   Our barn quilt trail is just starting out with five blocks either now displayed, or will be displayed shortly in Errol, NH.